How to Glue Metal Taps Onto Your Dance Shoes

How to glue metal taps on your shoes

Sometimes it’s just not possible to screw or nail a metal tap onto the bottom of your dance shoes. You may even be wanting to attach a metal tap to a traditional heel or pump and make it ¬†into a tap dance shoe, and the sole of the shoe is a hard plastic. In this case it’s very difficult to screw or nail into the bottom of the shoe.

An alternative method to putting the metal tap plate onto the shoe is to use glue. You will need to find a glue that adheres metal to plastic or the type of material the bottom of your shoe is made out of. Gorilla Glue, Shoe Goo and various automotive repair or jewelry/craft glues typically will state if they work for metal/plastic. Only purchase a small tube for one-time use, if possible, as these glues tend to lose their effectiveness after being opened.

Find metal taps that will fit the bottom of your shoe. Make sure the surface you will be gluing the taps onto is rough and not slick or smooth. A grinding disc/sand paper may help. Apply the glue as specified on the container instructions and then let it set. You may want to put a weight in the shoe, use a clamp or elastic or even tape to keep the tap in place while the glue is drying and setting.

One disadvantage to using glue is that you cannot adjust the looseness of the tap for different sounds. So you may want to experiment with different brands of metal dance taps to find the one that sounds the best when it is glued on.

Would love to hear about your experience using glue to attach your metal taps to the bottoms of your dance shoes. Feel free to leave a comment!



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